As the 2013/2014 season draws to a close, football fans and the media enjoy getting all watery-eyed and sentimental and look back over the season that was. Us Swansea City fans are no different and its fair to say that we have a lot to reflect on after European adventures, managerial comings and goings, derby day despair and glory and working out who was better: Shechter last season or Vasquez this season?

Of course, the end of the season isn’t complete without the useful summary tool of giving out awards. Here at The JackCast we’ll be jumping on the end of season awards bandwagon with our very own ‘TJC Awards’. Half of this week’s upcoming podcast will look back over our season and we’ll present our own awards (NOTE: unlike the official Swansea City awards, there is no physical award – we’re not that rich. Just the glory of the players getting bigged up by our podcast).

The JackCast is a podcast for Swansea fans, so we decided who better to judge the awards than the fans themselves. All the categories are listed below and we’ll be asking you to vote for your winner and runner up for each award; we’ll give 2 points for who you vote as winner and 1 point for runner-up and then add it all up to give us our Top 2s. There are two ways to vote:

1. Write in the comments box below your winner and runner up for each award (make sure you write by the side what award you are talking about)

2. Tweet us at @TheJackCast with the hashtag #TJCAwards with your winner and runner up for the award you are voting for (e.g. Best Player 1.___ 2._____ #TJCAwards)

So the awards are:

Goal of Season

Game of the Season (doesn’t necessarily have to be a game Swansea won)

Most Improved Player of the Season

Unsung Hero

Flop of the Season (doesn’t have to be a player)

Player of the Season

Get voting!