Episode 19 – Chico…He’s No Andy Melville

As preseason starts to draw to a close and the opening fixture of the Swans’ season appears on the horizon, the lads look back at what they’ve learned about the Swans this preseason. The Cast also look at the (likely) sale of Chico Flores to Qatar and the other new faces who have arrived at SA1.

2 thoughts on “Episode 19 – Chico…He’s No Andy Melville

  1. Hi
    In the USA, thanx to NBC we can watch every match from every team in the Premiership and I’ve taken a lking to Swansea City. I like there attacking style of football. Can you explain a little about their history and what :Jack” reference is all about?
    Here is to an amazing season

    Thanks again

  2. Hi Harold, Scott here.

    There are two differing theories as to the ‘Jacks nickname’. Firstly Swansea is a seaside town with a history of shipping, and sailors from Swansea were reportedly called ‘jacks’.

    The second theory surrounds a famous life saving dog who saved numerous people from drowning years ago. There’s even a statue of said dog on the seafront.

    In truth, no one really knows!

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